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V on Democracy Now: “Disaster Patriarchy”: V (Eve Ensler) on How the Pandemic Has Unleashed a War on Women

“Disaster patriarchy: how the pandemic has unleashed a war on women.” That’s the headline of a new essay by V, the playwright and activist who was formerly known as Eve Ensler. She details how the pandemic has led to a surge in violence against women, as well as an economic and educational crisis, with tens of millions of women and girls out of work or school. UNESCO estimates 11 million girls may not return to school once the pandemic is over. Other estimates put the total as high as 20 million girls.

Humanity Rising Day 241: Revolution of the Mother: A dialogue with V (formerly Eve Ensler) and Andrew Harvey

Revolution of the Mother:
A dialogue with Eve Ensler (V) and Andrew Harvey

Patriarchy, capitalism, and racism are destroying the planet. We are in a hurricane of interlinked crises, a global dark night that threatens human extinction. A great force of radical regeneration—the force of the Divine Feminine—is arising to bring revelation, hope, joy, and fierce passion energy to the work of building a new world from the ashes of the old.

The time for aligning with this potentially all-transforming force in mind, soul, and body and in putting love into action is NOW.

During this session, join these two great soul friends and passionate devotees of the Mother for a thrilling dynamic and practical exploration and celebration of this all-important revolution in human consciousness.

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Rencontres: One Billion Rising from France On Thursday, 15 April Featuring Women on the Frontlines of the Pandemic

V-Day, One Billion Rising and the CNAM “Humanities and Health” chair in partnership with, Aurore Association and Plateau Urbain present “Rencontres One Billion Rising – Les femmes sur le front du Covid : en première ligne face aux violences et à l’avant-garde des transformations” (One Billion Rising Meetings – Women on the frontlines of Covid: at the forefront of violence and of transformation), hosted by V (formerly Eve Ensler) and Cynthia Fleury. NOTE: This event will be entirely in French.

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V-Day: Poet Aja Monet & V (Eve Ensler) on the Movement to End Violence Against All Women & Girls

Amid a global rise in domestic violence during the pandemic, we speak with the founder of V-Day, a day of action to fight violence against women. V, the award-winning playwright of “The Vagina Monologues,” formerly known as Eve Ensler, says organizers around the globe are finding ways to fight back. “I’m so moved to see our grassroots women movements around the world finding ways to rise in spite of people being locked in and shut in and in spite of COVID,” she says. We also speak with blues poet and organizer Aja Monet, V-Day’s artistic creative director, who says Black women are particularly at risk. “For every Black woman who reports rape, at least 15 Black women do not,” Monet says. “We can go down the list and see the impact that sexual violence and harm and abuse has had on Black women primarily, but on women across the world.”


Join writers Arundhati Roy and V (formerly Eve Ensler) as they talk to writer Preti Taneja, reflecting on the meaning of freedom in a world of growing authoritarianism and on the role of creativity and alternative imaginations. They discuss everything from the impact of human separation during the pandemic on work and their creative lives, to what ‘normal’ will look like in the future – and whether we should avoid going back to it at all costs.

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A New Book, Now Out, Sparks Revolutionary Conversation in the Media, and Calls for Transformation

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