In the Body of the World

A powerful new play based on her critically-acclaimed memoir. While working with women suffering from the ravages of war in the Democratic Republic of Congo, Ensler was stunned by a life-threatening diagnosis.  Told with her signature brand of humor, Ensler’s personal journey uncovers surprising connections between her body and the earth and how illness can be both transformative and transcendent.


“[Ensler] goes beyond simply recounting her experience with cancer—and an intimate, shocking and touching tale it is—to create a bold, political work that is as personal and global as her signature work…[She] presents…a thoughtfully laid-out narrative quilt, made up of engaging frankness, measured sentiment, smartly-timed revelations and disarming humor.”

“IN THE BODY OF THE WORLD is tough love, harsh medicine, a tonic…I came out rattled as I have rarely been rattled by any theater experience, devastated and blissful at the same improbable time.”