Humanity Rising Day 241: Revolution of the Mother: A dialogue with V (formerly Eve Ensler) and Andrew Harvey

Revolution of the Mother: A dialogue with Eve Ensler (V) and Andrew Harvey

Patriarchy, capitalism, and racism are destroying the planet. We are in a hurricane of interlinked crises, a global dark night that threatens human extinction. A great force of radical regeneration—the force of the Divine Feminine—is arising to bring revelation, hope, joy, and fierce passion energy to the work of building a new world from the ashes of the old.  

The time for aligning with this potentially all-transforming force in mind, soul, and body and in putting love into action is NOW. During this session, join these two great soul friends and passionate devotees of the Mother for a thrilling dynamic and practical exploration and celebration of this all-important revolution in human consciousness. 

You can join V and Andrew for a workshop called The Revolution of the Mother, a three-day gathering from May 21-23. There will be sharing experiences, inviting you to share writings, imagining new actions and practices, and evolving a new language and community.