V - The power of Art Parts 1 and 2

Activist and artist V (formerly Eve Ensler), opens her new play WILD: A Musical Becoming this week. In part one of this two-part conversation with host Marianne Schnall, V discusses her passionate concern for the future of the planet and her faith in young people as her inspiration for the piece developed in collaboration with Tony Award-winner Idina Menzel, Golden Globe-nominated songwriter Justin Tranter, songwriter Caroline Pennell, and acclaimed director Diane Paulus. V also discusses her nearly 25-year campaign to end violence against women, girls, and the planet with the organization V-Day and illuminates how we heal within the community and our own bodies. To purchase tickets for Wild visit the American Repertory Theater and discover more about V Day at the movement’s website. 

Photo Credit of V on episode cover art: Paula Allen.