Eve Ensler at Bioneers 2019: The Alchemy of the Apology

Listen to Eve’s 2019 keynote plenary at Bioneers.

“Eve Ensler, the brilliant playwright (author of among other award-winning plays, the world changing The Vagina Monologues) and tireless activist for women’s rights globally, founder of V-Day and One Billion Rising, was like so many other women, sexually abused, in her case by her father. In her new bestselling book, The Apology, Eve has attempted to transform, with unflinching truthfulness and compassion, the horrific betrayal she suffered into an expansive vision for the future. She shares her story and explores how other survivors of abuse might be able to mobilize their imagination and inner strength to move from humiliation to revelation to find healing and inner freedom. She has written her own apology which she offers on this occasion.”