In this “Dangerous Women: Leading Onward” episode, V-Day Board member, Pat Mitchell talks with V (formerly Eve Ensler) about what’s next as we come out of the pandemic. V talks about V-Day, an organization she founded over two decades ago, that became a movement for championing women’s rights and empowering women around the world. They also talk about the value of women’s work in light of the pandemic and the demands and stresses put on all of us, but especially working mothers.

Finally, they talk about the triple threat of racism, patriarchy, and capitalism. V says that now is the time to address the inequities and power structures that are hurting us all, starting at the local level.

“If we don’t recognize the failure of these three systems — racism, patriarchy and capitalism — and begin to say it’s time for a new vision, a new way, a new order that honors the earth, first; that honors women; that allows people to be free to be who they are, and that says all people are entitled to the same rights, and love, and dignity.

Until that happens, we will keep spinning our wheels until we spin our way out of here.” — V

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