Critical Therapy Institute’s 10 Year Anniversary Celebration and Book Release Party

CTI is a vibrant community whose members and candidates believe in the transformative power of psychotherapy to change the world. Our goal is empowerment, liberation and healing. Join us as we celebrate 10 years of work and the release of our book Critical Therapy: Power and Liberation in Psychotherapy.

We will engage our audience in a lively public dialogue between V (formerly Eve Ensler) – Playwright, Author and Founder V-Day and One Billion Rising; Jessica Gordon-Nembhard – Author, Political Economist; Daniel José Gaztambide – Clinical Psychologist, Author and Director of the Frantz Fanon Lab for Intersectional Psychology; and Silvia Dutchevici – Author and Founder of Critical Therapy. We will explore topics such as: critical psychology, critical therapy, social justice and the role of politics within psychology.

We promise an evening of celebration!

In line with our philosophy, our tickets are based on a sliding scale.

For the safety of all our guests, we ask that you take a rapid COVID-19 test the day of the event.


Sep 14 2022


6:30 pm
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