Eve Ensler's "The Bureau of Sex Slavery", a scream against violence on women (November 2015)

I am thinking of the price list leaked out from the ISIS Sex Slave Market, that included women and girls on the same list as cattle. ISIS needed to impose price controls as they were worried about a down turn in their market.

 40-50 year old women were priced at $40, 30-40 year old women at $69, 20-30 year old women, $86 and 1-9 year old girls, $172. Women over 50 weren’t even listed. They had no market value. They were discarded like milk cartons with past sale date markers. But they weren’t simply abandoned in some smelly dung heap of trash. First they were probably tortured, beheaded, raped, then thrown into a pile of rotting corpses. I am thinking of a one year old child’s body for sale and what it would be like for a hefty, sex deprived, war driven thirty year old soldier to buy her, package her, take her home like a new television. What would he be feeling or thinking as he unwrapped her baby flesh and raped her with his penis the size of her tiny body?