O.P.C. (Obsessive Political Correctness)


O.P.C. (Obsessive Political Correctness)

OPCEve’s newest play O.P.C. (Obsessive Political Correctness) is Directed by Pesha Rudnick and will make it’s world premier at American Repertory Theater in late November. It stars:
– Kate Mulligan
– Olivia Thirlby
– Michael T. Weiss
– Nicole Lowrance
– Liz Mikel
– Peter Porte
– Babak Tafti
– David Thornton
– Nancy Linehan Charles

O.P.C. is an exploration of consumption and politics that asks, “How are we to survive as a species if we insist on destroying the world we love?” A dumpster-diving freegan (Thirlby) is doing just fine squatting in an abandoned apartment, but when her mother (Mulligan), a candidate running for the Senate, tries to make her tow the party line, radicalism comes into collision with mainstream liberalism. Mother and daughter wrestle with the inconvenient truths at the heart of consumer culture, tossed between political compromise and “obsessive political correctness.”

The play will run at the A.R.T. From November 28 – January 4. www.americanrepertorytheater.org


“….a rich blend of mordant comedy, high drama, pathos and not a few revelations …deeply provocative, funny and solemn…”
– ArtScope Magazine

“…it is as much a giant wave in a cultural tsunami as it is a play… terrific performances across the board”
– Talkin’Broadway.com

“…one of the most beautiful sets I’ve seen in 30 years of attending ART productions at the Loeb.”
– Boston Globe

“The stage aesthetics are truly unlike anything else. The people who live in that world are equally fascinating and captivating…A Must-See Show!”
– EmertainmentMonthly.com

“O.P.C (Obsessive Political Correctness) by Eve Ensler is politically ambitious and has a huge heart.”
– Metrowest Daily

“Ensler finds the tricky balance between drama and comedy, between making some serious points and inducing some genuine laughs. The actors, main and supporting, nail it.”
– Cape Cod Times

“The energy of OPC asks us to look at ourselves and our surrounds, who-ever we are and stand against the overconsumption, the over-drive, the over the top everything that defines each and every moment. What a fabulous night at the theatre.”
– Huffington Post

Revolution. Drum it, Dance it, Speak it, Wear it. Sing it. Feb 7. Be there! Join Eve and friends on February 7th in New York City!

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