Bodies of Revolution


Bodies of Revolution


CUBA RISING: Eve Performs The Vagina Monologues in Havana for Cuban Debut of the Play; Cuban Activists Will Rise in 2016!


Las Artes Escenicas invited playwright Eve Ensler to perform The Vagina Monologues at El Café Teatro Bertolt Brecht in Havana, for its Cuban debut! Eve took the stage for a very special three-show performance 28-29 October during the 16th International Theater Festival of Havana.  During her visit, Eve met with Cuban women leaders and grassroots activist groups including Mariela Castro Espín, the Director of Cuba’s National Center for Sex Education (CENESEX), Lizette Vila Espina of Proyecto Palomas, and Rochy Ameneiro, well known Cuban singer and director of Todas Contracorriente, together with members of the network of artists of UNETE.

Coming out of these meetings, the coalition is pleased to announce that Cuba is joining One Billion Rising: Rise For Revolution in 2016. Activists and artists alike will RISE against violence against women and imperialism on 8 March. Eve will return to Cuba in March for the Rising in support of the Cuban campaign.

WATCH Eve speak about her time in Cuba:

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Eve Ensler and Mariela Castro Espín

Eve with Lizette Vila Espina and members of Proyecto Palomas (Photo Credit: Paula Allen)

Rochy Ameneiro together with members of the network of artists of UNETE and Tony Montenieri

New book releases in Spain, Italy and France and Eve goes back to ART for the world premiere of IN THE BODY OF THE WORLD


Ensler’s critically acclaimed memoir In the body of the world is released in Spain and Italy!



French Publishers Denoel will release Insecure at Last as well as a new edition of The Vagina Monologues



Eve will head back to the American Repertory Theater at Harvard University for the theatrical world premiere of her critically acclaimed memoir In the Body of the World. Ensler will team up with ART Artistic director and TONY Award Winner Diane Paulis.

In this world-premiere adaptation of her critically acclaimed 2013 memoir, Eve Ensler (O.P.C., The Vagina Monologues) celebrates the strength and joy that connect a single body to the planet. As an activist and artist, Ensler has spend her career speaking about the female body. While working in the Congo, where war continues to inflict devastating violence on women, she was diagnosed with stage III/IV uterine cancer. This diagnosis erased the boundaries between Ensler’s work and her own body. In this raw, humorous, and bold performance, Ensler charts the connections between the personal and the public, inviting and challenging all of us to come back into our bodies, and thus the world.