Barack Obama Inaugural Peace Ball

January 20, 2009

Smithsonian National Postal  Museum, Washington, D.C.

Brothers and sisters, vaginas and vagina-friendlies, what an exciting night!!

I feel like Alice in Wonderland meets Che Guevera!


I keep hearing people talking about Obama and they keep saying the same thing:

“Be careful, do not expect too much”. But, I say, I expect no more than I expect everyday that I live. My expectations are not contingent on who is in the White House. they are based on the reach of our imagination. The fortitude of our convictions. The insane distance we are willing to travel because we know that struggle is the highest form of song.

I do not even know what we call this next paradigm, this vision that is desperate to be born.

But I do know that women will be at the center of it. Not marginalized, unrealized, begging for crumbs.

I know that in this new paradign the violation of women’s bodies and vaginas would be as impossible as disrespecting the earth.

And that rape, occupation, domination, retaliation would be obsolete. I know that it would mean not having more than your share. And that the resources of each country, village, community would BE borrowed and used by that community and not owned by corporations who ship the goods to those with privilege and armaments far away.

I know that we would not have a trillion dollar deficit because we USED OUR RESOURCES TO BUILD:

scud-cluster-bunker-buster-bowie-bayont-multi-assault-desert eagle- mk-15-phalynx-missiles.  No! instead, we HARNESSED our power to heal AND feed: Hamad, Hannah, Harish, Henrietta, Hangama, Hibaaq.

I know that this next world would never allow the mass rape of the women in Congo

or the annihilation of the children in Gaza

or the violent poverty that has cast Haiti, juarez, kabira, kabul and most of the world into rummaging in the dust and debris.

I know that in this next world, that Katrinas will be calls for community and caring, not abandonment and deceipt.

Preemptive war would be illegal there and impossible, and torture and wire tapping, and we would know, because we would not BE afraid to TRULY SEE WHAT HAS ALWAYS BEEN TRUE: that what we call terrorism grows in the shaddows of oppression, humiliation and despair.

The structure has to change. The indecent disproportion of wealth has to change. The belief that some people’s lives matter and others don’t has to change.

The election of Barack Obama is a call for this new paradigm. It is in itself by no means an end to racism, but it is a rejection of the tyranny of hatred and horror that has been inflicted on black and brown people in this country and throughout the world FOR FAR TOO LONG. It is a call to say that every person on this earth has a right to be here, to be their natural, true selves whether they are Native American, Latina, Asian, African, woman or men, or both or neither, or gay or transsexual, or bisexual or not sexual, or very sexual.

It means allowing faith and religious practice to be free and a private matter, And that the name of God or Allah or Buddha or Krishna never  be used in calling forth war censure  or pain.

I do not have a name for this new paradigm but for many the hope that brought Barack Obama to power is the energy required to bring this vision into being. But let us remember it cannot and shouldn’t be embodied in one person. It is our shared desire, our shared calling, and we must be bold now and daring. We must stand with our brothers and sisters:

From Darfur to the lower ninth, from Myanmar to Morocco, from Juarez to the factories of Chicago, from Kandahar to Baghdad to Rafa.

We must find ourselves in the world and of the world. More united. More generous. More outrageous. More willing.

More Sex!

No more denial. No more “out for yourself”. No more fear. No more ownership. No more rape. No more George Bush. Let me say it once more:  No more George Bush. No more countries. No more passports. No more border checks. No more borders. One world.

What do I expect?  Everything.